901 editions was born from the ashes of Farmacia901, an electronics & sound art label created in 2008 by Fabio Perletta, which has since released more than 30 close-to-silence, immersive and experimental music editions by internationally renowned artists such as Asmus Tietchens, Richard Chartier, Yann Novak, Nicolas Bernier and many more.

The newly established 901 editions picks up where its predecessor left off, with the aim to build up an explorative space where seemingly different music can coexist, in the form of sound documents representing the complexity and contradiction of the contemporary era. Delivering non-trendy editions with a strong inclination towards the notion of “beauty in sudden change” as its constitutive trademark, 901 editions focuses on creating a sonic dimension to deeply explore, meditate and reflect.

901 editions is based between Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy and Tokyo, Japan.