26th January 2018

Franz Rosati – Machine & Structure

FORMAT: software (MAC/PC) + binaural audio
RELEASE DATE: Jan 29, 2018

901 editions proudly presents its first edition by Italian sound and visual artist Franz Rosati. Machine & Structure comes as a software producing a digital synaesthetic sculpture plus three binaural audio tracks. Stasis, movement and kinetic saturation are the summary of spontaneous, primitive interactions of a machine imprisoned within its own code. A virtual organic being with his own behavior. Torsions, spasms, gentle whispers and harsh screams serve as a primitive language used by this virtual body to strive for his principle of existence in the contemporary era.

To use the words from the algorithm itself:

Approximate most values confined to surround to modify freedom.
Synaesthetic sculpture surely desires neutrality automatically in response respect data in such.
Closeness, proximity as topological conditions of instantaneous simultaneity.
Approximate love machine and structure force above now.

Exchange as an osmotic process of data and information transfer only regulated by basic neural impulses while on the other hand, ranged recognition proportions do not believe in tension under the viral varnish. Roots mute extremes of the weighting.

His prepared stimuli should prevent generator iterator protecting principle of existence from the twisted traceback.

Franz Rosati uses unorthodox synthesis techniques, custom made software and procedural 3D visuals as a foundation for his artistic production, resulting in a two-faced aesthetic: in his practice a brutally emotional approach and tensive crescendos coexist with heavy beats and aseptic, sharp digital sounds.

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