4th January 2018

901 editions

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9 + 1 = 0!

Dear folks, welcome to 2018! On the occasion of Farmacia901’s 10th anniversary we rebranded it and changed the label’s name into ‘901 editions’. We also have a new beautiful logo designed at Mote Studio. Things are yet to be completely revealed, but we are happy to embrace a Zen teaching learnt from our recent trip in Japan: “there’s a beauty in sudden change”.

To celebrate, we are releasing a stunning piece of art on January 29, by a long time supporter and close friend Franz Rosati. His custom made software ‘Machine & Structure’ generates digital synaesthetic sculptures as a metaphor for the Artaud and Deleuzian's 'body without organs'. In addition, Marco Marzuoli just finished his second mix of Italian composers, happy listening.

As a massive thank you for all of your support in these 9 years, we are happy to offer a 30% off digital and physical editions sale at our bandcamp store. Enter the code ‘beautyinsuddenchange’ between now (January 4) and January 11 to get your discount.

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