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901 Editions is a record label and an explorative space blending experimental music and contemporary art through CD releases, books and limited edition objects.

901 Editions is based in Abruzzo, Italy and it is curated by sound/installation artist Fabio Perletta

20 principles upon which
901 Editions exists for:

01 Listen
02 Listen and observe first, do not necessarily make music 
03 Do not wait for things to happen and get ready to welcome unpredictability 
04 Let the music rest for months before considering releasing it 
05 Strive for timelessness and work enjoying limits
06 Treat the sound as a falling petal, a gust of wind or the changing of autumn colours 
 Try to remember when the world was new to you 
 Contemplate, stay in silence 
 Shadow the light and enlight the shadow, while trying to maintain both 
 Prefer emptiness over saturation 
 Try to understand asymmetry 
 Do not identify yourself with sound 
13 Laugh a lot! 
14 Think of sound like a plant: it gives you oxygen and it stays the same place forever 
15 Do not reveal everything, let listeners have an active role. Do not make things easy 
16 Do not treat sound like a brand 
17 Love yourself and others 
18 Sound is either behind you 
19 This list may change 
20                (Intentionally left blank)