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20th December 2023

OUT NOW: Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens — Integral

Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens —
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital

“Integral” marks the second collaboration between German electronic music pioneer Asmus Tietchens and sound artist Fabio Perletta. The album follows 2017's “Deflections”, released by German label aufabwegen.

Recorded by Fabio Perletta and Asmus Tietchens, respectively at Tokonoma Studio, Roseto degli Abruzzi, and Audiplex Studio E, Hamburg, between October 2022 and August 2023. Artwork by Fabio Perletta. Mastered by Okko Bekker.

15th September 2023

OUT NOW: Vittorio Guindani — Materia Breve

Vittorio Guindani —
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital

"Materia Breve" is composed of residues. Fragments of field recordings; still images of small landscapes, enlarged to show their grain. The simple gesture of gathering what remains, stirring the embers.

VITTORIO GUINDANI (b. 1969) is an Italian non-musician interested in silence, soundscape and small sounds, which he creates with objects, loops and anything endowed with its own dust. He has collaborated with contemporary dance companies and several artists including video makers, illustrators, choreographers, theatre directors and musicians. In 2020, Guindani released his debut album "Jisei" for 901 Editions.

16th June 2023

OUT NOW: Marginal Consort — 06 06 16 (St. Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin)

Marginal Consort —
3CD Boxset + 28pp Booklet

“06 06 16 (St. Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin)” documents a rare 3-hour concert by the legendary avant-garde improvisation collective Marginal Consort, on their first-ever appearance in Germany. The event was presented by Manuela Benetton on 6th June 2016, in collaboration with PAN and 33-33. It was supported by Initiative Neue Musik e.V.

"Marginal Consort is a rare gift of restlessness, aspiration and sense, growing ever deeper." — Lawrence English

Recorded by Adam Asnan. Project coordination by Keiko Higuchi. Artwork and layout by Mote Studio. Essay by Lawrence English. Photography (booklet) by Andre Wunstorf and Fabio Perletta.

9th May 2023

INTERVISTA per (Tempo Reale)

Intervista a cura di Marco Baldini per, un blog ideato e gestito da Tempo Reale, il centro di ricerca, produzione e didattica musicale di Firenze.

25th July 2022

OUT NOW: Ensemble Ektòs — Semèia Kài Tèrata

Ensemble Ektòs —
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital

"The work describes an austere yet imaginative path combining stillness with the use of silences. A ritual reiteration recalling the most extreme experiences of certain minimalism and microscopic attention to timbral stratification." — Marco Baldini

Ensemble Ektòs are:
Michał Biel: Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Cosimo Fiaschi: Soprano Saxophone
Francesco Toninelli: Percussion, Objects
Hein Westgaard: Electric Guitar

10th May 2022

OUT NOW: Haptic — Ladder of Shadows

Haptic —
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital

Steven Hess
Joseph Clayton Mills
Adam Sonderberg

with Olivia Block and Salvatore Dellaria

This is Haptic recording number fifteen.

11th October 2021

OUT NOW: Giuseppe Ielasi | Luigi Turra

Giuseppe Ielasi —
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital
Electronic music, composed and mixed in May 2021.
Original materials recorded in January 2018.

Luigi Turra —
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital
“It forms slowly, through the refraction of light. It penetrates and breaks it down, radiating the listening space among the windows oriented to the spring sun. Oblique plates, breath and transparencies. Stillness. Sound prisms.” Artwork by Simone Negri, “Accadimento 63” (2020).

19th August 2021

OUT NOW: Ben Vida + Marina Rosenfeld • Renato Grieco + Bruno Duplant

Ben Vida + Marina Rosenfeld —
CD + 8pp Booklet + Digital
‘Leaving’ is the artists’ meditation on the absence and presence, fragmentation and drift of our present reality — “a strange dialogue, dreaming of each other through communication of another order… (François Bonnet on ‘Vertice’)”

Renato Grieco + Bruno Duplant —
CD + Digital
Inspired by Georges Perec's lipogrammatic novel “La Disparition”, written without the use of the letter e. The music score and its interpretation reflect constraint as a process.

16th June 2021

OUT NOW: Nicola Di Croce + Giovanni Di Domenico

Nicola Di Croce —
CD + Digital
Front cover by Giacomo Cosua © Veilhan/ADAGP 2021

Giovanni Di Domenico —
CD + Digital