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25th July 2022

OUT NOW: Ensemble Ektòs — Semèia Kài Tèrata

Ensemble Ektòs — Semèia Kài Tèrata
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital

"The work describes an austere yet imaginative path combining stillness with the use of silences. A ritual reiteration recalling the most extreme experiences of certain minimalism and microscopic attention to timbral stratification." — Marco Baldini

Ensemble Ektòs are:
Michał Biel: Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Cosimo Fiaschi: Soprano Saxophone
Francesco Toninelli: Percussion, Objects
Hein Westgaard: Electric Guitar

10th May 2022

OUT NOW: Haptic — Ladder of Shadows

Haptic — Ladder of Shadows
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital

Steven Hess
Joseph Clayton Mills
Adam Sonderberg

with Olivia Block and Salvatore Dellaria

This is Haptic recording number fifteen.

11th October 2021

OUT NOW: Giuseppe Ielasi | Luigi Turra

Giuseppe Ielasi — its appearance, reflected by three copies
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital
Electronic music, composed and mixed in May 2021.
Original materials recorded in January 2018.

Luigi Turra — Prisma
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital
“It forms slowly, through the refraction of light. It penetrates and breaks it down, radiating the listening space among the windows oriented to the spring sun. Oblique plates, breath and transparencies. Stillness. Sound prisms.” Artwork by Simone Negri, “Accadimento 63” (2020).

19th August 2021

OUT NOW: Ben Vida + Marina Rosenfeld • Renato Grieco + Bruno Duplant

Ben Vida + Marina Rosenfeld — Leaving
CD + 8pp Booklet + Digital
‘Leaving’ is the artists’ meditation on the absence and presence, fragmentation and drift of our present reality — “a strange dialogue, dreaming of each other through communication of another order… (François Bonnet on ‘Vertice’)”

Renato Grieco + Bruno Duplant — La Disparition
CD + Digital
Inspired by Georges Perec's lipogrammatic novel “La Disparition”, written without the use of the letter e. The music score and its interpretation reflect constraint as a process.

16th June 2021

OUT NOW: Nicola Di Croce + Giovanni Di Domenico

Nicola Di Croce — Affective Room Tones
CD + Digital
Front cover by Giacomo Cosua © Veilhan/ADAGP 2021

Giovanni Di Domenico — Dust Bunnies
CD + Digital

3rd January 2021

OUT NOW: Aloïs Yang — MLMC Live At Punctum



FORMAT: CD + Digital
CAT. N.: 9ED015
RELEASE DATE: 2nd January, 2021
WATER: non included

22nd November 2020

PRE-ORDER: Steve Roden — Gradual Small Fires (And A Bowl Of Resonant Milk)

PRE-ORDER: Steve Roden — Gradual Small Fires (And A Bowl Of Resonant Milk)


Daniela Cascella •
Michael Ned Holte •
Steve Roden •

Steve Roden

A5 format (14,8 x 21 cm / 5.8 x 8.3 in)
60 pp. (colour)
Sewn Binding
Edition: 300
Language: English

Cardboard Wallet

Mote Studio •


Release Date: 10th December, 2020

14th May 2020

OUT NOW: Vittorio Guindani — Jisei

“I like to intend Jisei more as a subtle presence than a form of music”

A Jisei is one of the death poems belonging to Japanese tradition, sometimes referred to as the last words, the last images or the last sounds before the farewell. Jisei is composed of fragments, memories, field recordings, explorations on emptiness and objects having personal meanings. The album is informed by dusty impressions as if they were brushes creating forms which disappear as they take shape. Each track on Jisei is infused with restraint and stillness.

Guindani created an immersive space of meditation, crafted in a time span of several days, where gestures instinctively occurred in the present moment without judgment or hesitation. The intangible forms Jisei is forged with remind of life’s fragility, bringing profound sensitivity and faint traces, as perfectly expressed by the stunning cover by Italian artist Marina Marcolin, who is also responsible for the paintings inside the small book.

Jisei is a work to be slowly discovered, from time to time, for those who take the nuances of ephemeral beauty as a value to meditate upon.