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15th September 2023

OUT NOW: Vittorio Guindani — Materia Breve

Vittorio Guindani — Materia Breve
CD (6 panel Digisleeve) + Digital

"Materia Breve" is composed of residues. Fragments of field recordings; still images of small landscapes, enlarged to show their grain. The simple gesture of gathering what remains, stirring the embers.

VITTORIO GUINDANI (b. 1969) is an Italian non-musician interested in silence, soundscape and small sounds, which he creates with objects, loops and anything endowed with its own dust. He has collaborated with contemporary dance companies and several artists including video makers, illustrators, choreographers, theatre directors and musicians. In 2020, Guindani released his debut album "Jisei" for 901 Editions.

14th May 2020

OUT NOW: Vittorio Guindani — Jisei

“I like to intend Jisei more as a subtle presence than a form of music”

A Jisei is one of the death poems belonging to Japanese tradition, sometimes referred to as the last words, the last images or the last sounds before the farewell. Jisei is composed of fragments, memories, field recordings, explorations on emptiness and objects having personal meanings. The album is informed by dusty impressions as if they were brushes creating forms which disappear as they take shape. Each track on Jisei is infused with restraint and stillness.

Guindani created an immersive space of meditation, crafted in a time span of several days, where gestures instinctively occurred in the present moment without judgment or hesitation. The intangible forms Jisei is forged with remind of life’s fragility, bringing profound sensitivity and faint traces, as perfectly expressed by the stunning cover by Italian artist Marina Marcolin, who is also responsible for the paintings inside the small book.

Jisei is a work to be slowly discovered, from time to time, for those who take the nuances of ephemeral beauty as a value to meditate upon.