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Elena Kakaliagou

Elena Kakaliagou, born in 1979, is a Greek-Austrian French horn player and performer living in Berlin. After her studies in classical music in Greece, Austria and Finland, and inspired by new, folk and experimental music, Elena developed her own language on the French horn; lyrical and mellow, angry as a wild animal or a stormy sea, calm as the wind or the soft rain. Elena's music can be heard on more than 20 musical albums, among others the ones of her duo Nabelóse, her trio Zinc & Copper, solo, and plenty of collaborations of free, experimental, composed and new music. She is an active member of the free improv scene of Berlin and plays with zeitkratzer and Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble, next to various new music ensembles. For info about past and current collaborations, concerts, venues, festivals and stage performances, please visit her website.