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MA 間


I (12:56)
II (16:40)
II (14:25)

CAT. N.: 9ED012



Fabio Perletta and Luigi Turra’s Ma marks their first collaboration. The project began with Turra inviting Perletta to re-work his piece Texture.Vitra (Koyuki, 2008), a sound study featuring recordings collected at various architectural spaces designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The resulting three pieces were crafted in an attempt to perform an active dialogue between Tadao Ando’s aesthetic principles and sonic practice.

The album unfolds as a temporal, environmental experience of a non-existent, ever-changing, rhizomatic listening space. The kanji 間 (Ma) represents a crucial concept in various Japanese practices including music and architecture, referring to notions of space and time (between things), distance, pause, interruption, and relationship. Its meaning is wide and changes depending on the context: it can be the temporal element between two notes for a musician, the concept of void and the perception of architectural space between the inside and outside.

The interweaving of these notions forges a “sense of place”, expressed by playing with the interrelationship of sonic elements, and sets up parallel dualities between object/space and time/space. A sound source—as sound itself—is the extent of time and runs through a space, which seems to be often empty and silent. The apparent stillness of the space is interrupted by several sound events, which resonate with materials and surfaces thus interacting with the architecture. 

Ma makes the immaterial act a central element, allowing sounds to dwell within it, assuming various forms. Sounds of wood, rocks, pebbles, and cement coexist with silence, which permeates our inner dimension at a subjective level. This alternation defines a new listening space, inviting the listener to experience time in a non-linear way, giving plenty of room for reflection, memory, contemplation, and a sense of waiting.

Nevertheless, the aim of the work is not to document the sound of architecture, but rather to suggest a space within the space, the rediscovery of one's inner time within an outer time. Turra and Perletta focus on the raw beauty of accidental sounds, such as “a wall that violently breaks a space” (Ando). Ma's sounds celebrate the austerity of Ando's geometric shapes, concrete elements, and the striking light effects of architectural details. Perletta and Turra emphasise emptiness, fragility, simplicity in a changing interplay between presence and absence, tactility, and immateriality revealing new (auditory) dimensions.

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Fabio Perletta is a sound and installation artist. In his work he investigates the notions of presence, silence and impermanence, encouraging different levels of experience, engagement and contemplation. Perletta’s practice reveals an inner discipline which goes beyond the scope of rational coordinates, whilst addressing reality and small things.

His work encompasses recorded compositions, performances, site-specific interventions and installations, appearing worldwide at festivals, art spaces and artistic residencies including A×S Festival (Pasadena), Screen City Biennial (Stavanger), Human Resources (Los Angeles), BlueProject Foundation (Barcelona), Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona), Museo de Arte Moderno (Medellín), MoMA (Wakayama), Musée National des Arts Asiatiques Guimet (Paris), Ryosoku-in Temple (Kyoto), Café OTO (London), TOdays Festival (Turin), roBOt Festival (Bologna), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome), AlbumArte Gallery (Roma) and more.

His solo and collaborative recordings are mainly documented on LINE, Dragon’s Eye Recordings, aufabwegen, Dinzu Artefacts and his own imprint 901 Editions — founded in 2008 — which has since released more than 30 close-to-silence, immersive and experimental music editions by internationally renowned artists.

He works for the curatorial project Lux. He is currently professor of sound design at ISIA Pescara.


Luigi Turra (b. 1975) is a reductionist/electroacoustic composer. His main interest is in the aural balance between silence, tactile perception of sound and aleatoric music. Through the manipulation of concrete and acoustic sources, he develops acoustic paths in which the listener experiences continuous pauses and subtly abrasive tensions. Starting from capturing small sounds and noises, Luigi Turra creates pieces of music, referencing the beauty of the imperfection.

His work is published by labels such as Non Visual Objects (AT), and/OAR (US), Koyuki (IT), White Line (UK), LINE (US), Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Trente Oiseaux (DE) and 901 Editions (IT).